Hello Local Language!  Very excited about your hotel project in Louisville!

I am a photo based mixed media artist based in Louisville.  I define myself as a photographer whose heart lies beyond the click of the shutter, and one who maintains a physical, hands-on approach in processing digital imagery.  However, for the Local Language project in Louisville, I am submitting photographic images, available for licensing and suitable for fine art prints.

Feel free to look through my website, but please note that this page was made especially for you.  There is not a link to it on the site itself.  You must click the back arrow to get to this page, or reinsert the link into your browser.  Thank you for the time to consider my submissions!


Jenny Zeller


Louisville is famous for horses and the Kentucky Derby.  The city is also considered the disco ball capital of the world, manufacturing over 90% of the disco balls made during the 70’s.  The image encompasses both of those aspects into one solid frame.

Bluegrass Basics


Muhammad Ali died a global icon. But he was first (and always) a citizen of Louisville, where he was born and raised.  Louisville showed an outpouring of support and compassion for Muhammad Ali in the days following his death.  The following are photos captured during this moving experience I was grateful to witness firsthand.

Undying Spirit


Louisville’s Beloved


Prayers and Praise at the Greatest Goodbye



One of the city’s biggest local attractions is the Louisville parks system. There are more than 120 public parks in the metro area alone, many created by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, a nationally-renown landscape architect responsible for creating Central Park in New York.  The Park Lands at Floyd’s Fork builds upon the groundwork laid by Olmsted, completing an effort to transform Louisville into a City of Parks.

Black Eyes at Floyd’s Fork


Thank you again! Looking forward to seeing this project take shape!

P.S. If you are in need of any help on a local level with this project, please consider me for that as well.  I have 16 years gallery management experience with an extensive history in curating, displaying and installing of artwork and can happily send my resume upon request.