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Thank you for the time to consider my submission!


Jenny Zeller

I am proposing to exhibit pieces from my most recent body of work phyto-+-graphy.  The process of creating these images is experimental with one of a kind results.  I have a number of individually framed works that could be arranged salon style, within the requested parameters as suggested below. Works range in size from 12” x 12” to 24” x 30”.



I am in the process of expanding upon this body of work by exploring different metals and ‘developing’ solutions (attached examples are on aluminum).  I am also expanding this series in terms of scale.  Currently I have a large-scale installation in progress, consisting of numerous, identically-sized (8” x 10”-ish), uniquely-processed, botanical specimens that are to be linked together and hung vertically from an aluminum pole.  (Final piece may be hung against a wall or suspended from the ceiling and walked around)



Another version of large scale installation I am exploring is creating one large piece with 4 large, identically-sized aluminum pieces…but instead of 4 different botanical examples, this installation is one ‘to scale’ specimen, divided into 4.