Haleakalā National Park Artist Residency Submission Video

As a visual artist, you can be asked to submit a number of things when applying for grants, fellowships and artist residencies.   It goes without saying that you need to have strong photographs that represent your work.  If the images are weak, its a good chance that your submission is passed on looking into any further…simply because the competition is fierce and there needs to be some kind of rule for exclusion.  Often times there are a handful of essays to complete, ranging from your biography, artist statement, and several about your project intentions and how being in a certain place will be a good fit for your work and process and ultimately serve your work.

And sometimes it is either asked or recommended that you submit a promo video of your work.  This was the case in my recent submission to Haleakalā National Park Artist Residency in Maui, Hawaii.

I really loved the challenge of making this video because it has the power to illuminate so much more than simple jpg images of my work can do!  And while it is simple, I love what I created…and wanted to share it with you!

Thanks for watching!