Kentucky Arts Council’s Featured Artist September/October 2015

The Kentucky Arts Council continues to be very good to me.   In 2014, I was awarded an Al Smith Fellowship and most recently I was selected to be their Featured Artist for September/October 2015!!  Receiving these recognitions validate the pursuits of my creative passions and further encourages me to work!

One of the perks of being featured, was having KAC’s Folk and Traditional Arts Director, Mark Brown pay a visit to my newly expanded studio; where he took pictures and recorded an audio interview which he later compiled into the video below currently featured on their website!

I love that the video is informal, offering a brief glimpse of my life as an artist, rather than attempting to tell my whole story.  Mark did a great job of piecing the audio together in that way that didn’t make me sound pretentious or flat out ridiculous.  I only cringed a few times upon seeing my un-photogenic self…and that’s a frickin’ miracle!!  What was easily a 2+ hour interview (feeling quite therapeutic I must add) is condensed into just under 11 minutes.  If you have a moment, take a listen and let me know what you think.

Click HERE to visit my official Featured Artist page, read more about my work and see other featured artists on the Kentucky Arts Council website.  Thank you Mark Brown and Kentucky Arts Council!!!