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Motivated by Accomplishment

Yes, it’s true…I am highly motivated by accomplishment.

And this post represents a huge accomplishment because it’s represents both the end, and the beginning.

The end…because after years of claiming that I needed to update my website, I finally made the effort to do so.  (I mean, how embarrassing to have a Key West address as your contact info…THREE 1/2 YEARS AFTER YOU NO LONGER LIVE THERE???)  This particular blog entry marks the end (or is it the beginning) of many months of research, how-to tutorials, frustrations, struggles and ultimate triumphs that come with building a website…when you are not a website designer.  And while not quite perfect…it is highly presentable for a self-taught journey into the world of WordPress, plugins, and posts.

The beginning…because I now have the updated platform for which I can truly jump off.  This site (as of today) represents the beginnings of documented creative production since my return to Louisville 3+ years ago…in pursuit of a life more affordable and less career focused with time to fully pursue my creative passions.

And I have never been more motivated or productive.  Within a year of my return to Louisville, I had a solo show of my work at Fire House Gallery in NULU and was awarded an Al Smith Fellowship for from the Kentucky Arts Council in 2014. This productiveness stems well beyond the visual work I have created and feature on this website.  Since my return to Louisville, I have been in the process of renovating a historical shotgun home with my main squeeze and perfectionist finish carpenter, John Morgan.  Not only renovating it, but living though it…3+ YEARS.  And the work has been largely done by ourselves (but really, the work he has done, greatly outweighs the work we have done)…and it’s been one hella process.  And while the house is still in partial renovation mode…it’s more close than it has ever been (mostly 3/4 th complete).  Walls have been gutted, framed up, insulated, drywalled, primed, painted or tiled, etc…new plumbing, electrical, new kitchen and bath.   And the fun (for at least this portion of the house) has finally begun.

In August 2013, two weeks before school began, I accepted the challenging position of Photographer, Artist-in-Residence, at St Francis School of Thought, where I currently teach an elective photography course to high school students.  Mind you…when I accepted this position, I had NEVER taught before.  And in all actuality, I had never EVEN thought about teaching.  SO WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING???  I can’t even explain it…there was this voice that told me to go for it…and that challenge has forever changed me.  But it has been a struggle.  Deciding what to address, creating a year-long syllabus, updating myself in the world of digital photography, (not to mention feeling comfortable in front of the class) has all taken time…and LOTS of mental energy.  Between my house reno and first time teaching, I have been completely overwhelmed and barely treading water to keep up with all on my ever evolving to-do list.

This post represents a huge accomplishment for I can finally cross out UPDATE WEBSITE on my to-do list!! I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many times I have transferred that task onto new lists.

The end result is the beginning of a new forum for sharing my work and connecting with you.  My artist blog will contain news, inspirations, stories and creative process behind the visual art that I create.

Thank you for participating!!