Digital Image Transfer and Mixed Media Workshop

That’s right people…I’m teaching a Digital Image Transfer and Mix Media Workshop February 11th and 12th at The Studios of Key West!!  And if ya didn’t know already, I’m pretty stoked about it!!

In this unique two-day workshop, participants will learn the techniques of digital image transferring while creating distinctive, one-of-a kind prints onto a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal foils, and fine art papers.  Day two takes the initial results further with the incorporation of mixed media including watercolors, oil paints and encaustic wax. This hands-on workshop is for artists and photographers seeking more creative options for their imagery. Emphasis is on exploration and experimentation.

Results of day 1 image transfers onto a variety of art papers.


I test drove this workshop a few weeks back with some good friends and got some really great results!  Many thanks to Jen Bull Wood and Christi George for helping me fine tune the experience that is coming to TSKW this February!


IMG_9217  IMG_9268

With the images above, Jen first distressed the transfer film before transferring it onto watercolor paper.  She then hand colored the image with water color pencils and dipped it into encaustic wax.




For the following images, Christi used a white transfer solution to release her image onto a metal foil substrate.  She then added encaustic wax and paints, and applied oil pastels into scraped limbs details of this tree.

IMG_9254       IMG_9266





On Day 1, Jen first distressed and then transferred this awesome image of her son Silas onto tissue paper.  Day 2, she took that image, attached it to a canvas and encased it with encaustic wax and paints.


IMG_9188  IMG_9259





And finally, this last image…a happy surprise.  When Jen transferred this image to tissue paper, it bled onto the craft paper underneath it…totally unintentional….love it’s soft focus and ghostly feel!


Click HERE For more information on the workshop I will be teaching at TSKW on February 11th and 12th from 10am-4pm.

I am also teaching an Image Transfer Class for Kids on Saturday February 13th from 10am-12pm.