Luminiferous: Adventures in Metal at UAH

My latest body of work, Luminiferous:  Adventures in Metal was exhibited at the beautiful Wilson Hall Gallery in the Art, Art History & Design building on the University of Alabama Huntsville campus from March 7th-28th, 2016.

Lecture at Opening Reception. Photo by Jose Bentancourt.


Luminiferous, a series of still lifes printed onto custom-made aluminum substrates, reflects the diverse influences that define me.  My connection with the natural environment, wanderlust, nostalgia, and an obsession with symbolism are present throughout this body of work.


(left to right) Cautionary Duo, Altars Two Erzulies, Bound, Selfie at the Louvre.


Images in this series are captured exclusively with my smart phone and Toy Camera, my favorite photographic app.  Toy Camera overlays random vintage coloring, saturation, and black and white effects on photos as they are shot.  The results are unpredictable, yet immediate, encouraging further explorations.  When I see something I resonate with, I exhaust the possibilities of a scene with this creative tool.  Creating a new image by layering multiple images of the same scene is the foundation of Luminiferous; adding interest and depth to what was merely a two-dimensional image.


(left to rt) Bound, Selfie at the Louvre



(left to rt) Multi-Fragmented Flora, Indigo, Citron, Verde, Sepia, BARNacles


As a photographer whose heart lies in the process beyond the click of the shutter, I strive to retain a deliberate hands-on approach in processing digital imagery.  By printing onto specially coated transfer film, my images are released onto a variety of substrates with the help of custom made transfer mediums.


(left to rit) Indigo, Citron, Verde, Sepia


My process reiterates the print making pleasures I experienced when creating photo emulsion transfers with Polaroid film.


(left to rt) Currency Leis, Flying Lotus


The superimposing of images emulates the multi-layered,19th century photographic printing process of Gum Bichromates.


(left to rt) Florida Reflected, Beauty Sleep


The custom-made aluminum substrates represent photographic plates used in creating tintypes another 19th century process of direct positives on thin sheets of metal.


(left to rt) Voyage, Washed Up, Bluegrass Basics


I continually look to the past to process the present.

Ode to the Olds (with bio and artist statement).




Opening Reception. Photo by Jose Bentancourt.


The work is back in my studio and can be viewed by appointment.  I am currently looking for a local venue to exhibit the work.   Please contact me if you have any leads/suggestions.