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ALTERED PERCEPTIONS – An LVA Louisville Photo Biennial Exhibit at Metro Hall

This is an undeniably big year for me!  It’s as if all the things I have been cultivating in my life of late is coming to fruition at once.  It’s a biennial year for the Louisville Photo Biennial and I have quite the presence in it this year!  Not only am I still teaching with the Biennial, I am also part of several exhibitions…this being one of them.  And let’s face it, this isn’t just any exhibition…it’s an exhibition at Mayor Greg Fischers gallery in Metro Hall!!   You can see this show until January 19th, 2018.

Bull and Friends by C.J. Pressma

What an incredible honor to be selected by Keith Waits of LVA to be part of their Louisville Photo Biennial show at Metro Hall.   The show is entitled “Altered Perceptions” and I am a one of three featured artists who use a photographic image as a means to an end. I, along with C.J. Pressma and Mitch Eckert illustrate ways in which photography can be employed outside of the traditional realms of 2-d presentation.

Photographer C.J. Pressma is well known amongst the visual art scenes in Louisville and far beyond.  He is the founder of the Center for Photographic Studies in Louisville that originated in the 1970’s and has inspired many with his lifelong dedication to the photographic medium…in all it’s forms!  In “Altered Perceptions”, Pressma exhibits his beautiful photographic quilts, and was the foundation that this exhibition was built around.

Lilly Lemon Peaches Cherries by Mitch Eckert.

Artist and University of Louisville Associate Professor of Art, Mitch Eckert also approaches the use of the photographic image in different ways.  In his ‘Translations’ series, he staged still life compositions inspired by Dutch masters still life paintings.  Initially unhappy with the work, he crumpled up the images and tossed in the trash.  But he wasn’t quite done with them and upon retrieving from the trash, he smoothed out the surface to reveal a beautiful crumpled texture he resinated with and decided to reshot the work…and we are all glad he did!  .

And then if you know anything about me, you know that I am a photographer whose heart lies beyond the click of the shutter.  For years, my goal has been to keep a hands-on approach in processing digital imagery.  In this show, I feature not only some of my recent work incorporating digital image transfers onto wood and metal substrates but also exhibit some of my photo encaustics from the Tiny World Series.

Weaving Reed, from my Tiny World Series

Go see this exhibit!  Mitch Eckert‘s work is located on the second floor, CJ Pressma‘s is located in the third floor stairwell and my work is featured on the fourth floor by the elevators.

Metro Hall is located at 527 West Jefferson St in downtown Louisville.  Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

The exhibit will be up until January 19th, 2018.